Customer Reviews

"My memory is improving! I noticed a difference in my memory the very first day I took Memotex. Memory seems stronger less foggy. I feel better overall. Memotex has improved my day-to-day life. I now have clearer thinking. I can tend to daily chores with more confidence. Memotex surprised me-it works and from day one!"

-Mildred C., Nashville, TN

"Memotex works. Thank you. After one week there is a difference in my thought process, that allows me to think about weekly projects and recall names quicker than before. Sometimes it would take a day to remember a name and now it takes less than an hour. I did not look at my grocery list, while shopping because I remembered the whole list and checked it and I had all 18 items. I would procrastinate most of the day on every thought. Know I determine whether I want to do it or not. No more lingering around in the dead space in your mind. I have tried several products in the past, that you do not notice any difference in a month taking their product. I took Memotex for two days and noticed a difference and called my sister to tell her about Memotex."

-Andrew F., Augusta, GA Aged 68

"I noticed a difference in my memory after taking Memotex for 40 days. I’m experiencing improved focus. I’m reading again and also have an elevated mood. I feel moderately alert on the computer. Memotex surprised me by elevating my mood."

-Marvin L., Bethesda, MD

"I’ve had better focus since taking Memotex. I have been more able to focus on prep for Thanksgiving, when I’ll have 36 guests for dinner and 9 people staying in my house for a few days."

-Carla P., Boston, MA