Customer Reviews

“Since I started taking SerenBalance last month I feel happier, calm, more positive and relaxed. Still a lot going on but in a positive way with everything that is happening. I feel even better than my old self! Along with other things that are going on in my life right now it took at least a week to notice an improvement after I started taking it. I have noticed that my stomach issues have gone away. I am more conscious of taking better care of myself so I can take care of my family. At 62, I’m even feeling more energy!”

-Monica F., Portland, OR*

“Within an hour or so of taking SerenBalance, I start to feel better. I’m calmer and more relaxed and feel like my old self again within three hours**!”

-Rosemary W. Chicago, IL

**Results not typical.

“I started taking SerenBalance about two months ago and I don't wake up in a bad mood as much. I am more cheerful and happy. I am more positive and relaxed is a good way to put it. In my younger yrs ( a few months ago ) I was always in a good mood, uplifting and good humor. I'm experiencing some more energy. Well, I haven't gotten rich yet. But at 70, I do feel younger and focused.”

-Dustin P., Milford, CT*

“I am calm since I started taking SerenBalance 2 months ago, where I would have gotten upset in stressful situations. I am calm and relaxed. I think I first noticed to feel a difference after 2 weeks, I ask my hubby and gauge through him. I am calmer, relaxed, and not quick to stress out.”

-Angela U. , Hamilton, NJ*

“Since I started taking SerenBalance, I am mellow in traffic. I experience a flowing feeling with it. Like a duck who is naturally unaffected by water because it flows off her back. I started feeling better 30 minutes* after taking it. My life is calmer now with SerenBalance!”

-Veronica C., Washington, D.C.*

*Individual results may vary.

“My mood has improved since I starting taking SerenBalance. I started to feel better after taking it for two weeks. I want to do more things around the house. I feel more positive and have more energy!”

-David B., San Diego, CA